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Why Choose Us

  • The majority of our generators are trailer mounted (except for the QAS1100 TwinPower which is containerised)
  • They can operate on external diesel tanks
  • We offer silent generator rental
  • In the event of automatic mains failure, certain of our models can be synchronised to Eskom power (with the optional COC kit)
  • Economic fuel consumption
  • Cabling supplies for all sizes
  • Distribution (DB) boards
  • Joiner boxes
  • Selection of oil-free, electric, diesel and high-pressure diesel
  • Portable options available
  • Short-term and long-term hire options
  • Clean air package and after coolers
  • Oil-free dryers

During these very challenging and uncertain times, we would like to reassure all our customers and employees that we are here to support you. We are facing an unprecedented time of hardship as a nation. Overcoming COVID-19 requires a proactive and quick-thinking approach from all of us.

The prudent and necessary national lockdown measures put in place have unfortunately impacted negatively on many sectors of business. From our side, Rand-Air is doing all we can to assist our customers with their rental requirements, adhering to the same standards of excellence and quality for which we have always been known.

While strict compliance with health protocols and social distancing measures remain in place, Rand-Air is observing all requirements around the safety of our employees and customers. However, ensuring business continuity is a crucial focus for all of us, despite the constraints we face as a nation. Rand-Air is therefore doing the following, enabling us to continue providing our customers with outstanding service:

• Our technical department and technicians are on call 24/7 throughout the lockdown period, to support and service Rand-air equipment and existing operations for customers.

• In this event, our technicians will take all cautionary measures on-site in terms of preventing the spread of COVID-19, for example, with the deployment of safety and hygiene packs.

• Our sales consultants are calling on customers who are happy to meet, in person. In addition, our management, administrative and sales staff members are where possible working remotely, while maintaining a rotational presence in all of our depots.

We are also available remotely – telephonically or via Zoom, TEAMS or email – according to whichever method of communication our customers prefer.

At Rand-Air, rigorous safety has always been of the utmost importance, and particularly at this time, especially when it comes to curbing the spread of COVID-19. We are, and will always remain, committed to the safety of our valued customers and employees. As such, we urge you all to take cognisance of the regulations, and to vigilantly look after your health and that of your families during this challenging time.

We remain resolute in our commitment to you, our valued customers, and will continue to deliver the quality and excellence you have come to expect from us. Together we will prevail!

Warm regards

Kim Coetzee

General Manager

Compressor & Generator Rental

The leaders in portable air compressors and generator rental, Rand-Air upholds this reputation through regular training and upskilling in business related and product-specific matters.

Generator Hire

Designed to keep your event, construction site or project going, we offer mobile diesel-powered generators ranging in sizes from 34kva to 500kva. For larger demands, we offer an option of synchronised units.

Compressor Hire

At Rand-Air, we offer an extensive product range including industrial air compressors, diesel compressors and portable electric compressors. All of which are available for hire on short-term or long-term agreements.


What our Customers have to say

If you need any industrial generators & compressors we are available for you. We understand the importance of aligning and supporting customer priorities which are why we are constantly seeking ways to improve health and safety standards as well as looking to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices to meet your business imperatives.

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