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Power Modules

Maximize uptime and efficiency by successfully managing your temporary power needs with Atlas Copco’s Power Modules.

Eliminate downtime

Experience predictable power that you can rely on to get the job done

Plug and play connectivity

Quickly connect to other generators and components for a flexible solution, or connect to the mains for utility support.

Combined utilities

Connect your Power Module to electric compressors, boosters and dryers, either stand-alone or in parallel with other generators, for a solution that perfectly reflects your needs.

Powerful and efficient

Optimized sizing for efficiency and reliability.

Quiet operation

Reduced noise levels thanks to the robust enclosure (canopy or container).

Easy to transport

The small footprint and forklift inlets ensure your Power Module is easy to transport and move on site.

Easy to install

Plug-and-play connectivity simplifies on site installation.

Fuel efficient

Innovative technology reduces fuel consumption for efficient power production.

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Atlas Copco Power Modules

Power is a challenge for any site, especially as there are so many machines simultaneously requiring predictable power. If power isn’t consistently available when it is needed, it results in downtime which can delay work and cause other issues.

Atlas Copco’s intelligent Power Modules are the solution. These powerful generators include plug-and-play connectivity to enable easy connection to mains, other generators and/or components for a flexible and reliable solution for your site.

They are ideal if electric power at your site is either limited, unstable or not available.

Which applications would benefit from an Atlas Copco Power Module?

  • Emergency power
  • Large and complex construction projects
  • (De)commissioning tasks
  • Temporary power in remote locations (off-grid)
  • Maintenance jobs
  • Peak-shaving

Flexible Power Modules

Atlas Copco’s Power Modules offer you the flexibility to connect your generator to site equipment, including:

  • Oil-free or oil injected electric compressors
  • Boosters
  • Dryers
  • Submersible pumps
  • Steam boilers
  • Nitrogen generators
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