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Rand-Air strikes gold – again – with a repeat hire to a long-standing gold-mining customer

Rand-Air secured a repeat hire with a long-standing customer in the gold mining industry – based on a relationship dating back to 2014 – when the need arose for underground compressors for the mine:

Rand-Air was the only company then – and still is now – able to supply the customer with underground compressors modified to their particular specifications.

This is according to Rand-Air sales consultant Marinda Enslin, who collaborated closely with the customer to ensure that their very specific requirements were met.

“Our most recent hire to this customer was two Atlas Copco GA110 electric compressors, for use in underground drilling and secondary support for expansion mining in high productivity areas,” she advises.

“When it came to this latest hire, we already had the compressors in stock and were able to deliver to the mine on the same day,” Enslin advises.

“Currently, this customer has a total of nine underground compressors on hire from us, all varying in size from GA75s to GA110s, depending on the various requirements.

We collaborated with the customer throughout the compressor selection process, to ensure that their operations run the minimal number of compressors, in the most efficient way. We offer a total solution concept, tailored to each specific customer site’s requirements, ensuring that our customers can focus on their core business, while we take care of their equipment rental requirements,” she adds.

“The customer was highly impressed with our service all round, and that their machines were delivered on time and are now running smoothly.”

“We look forward to providing our underground compressors to many more customers in the mining sector, ‘striking gold’ with our service and technology excellence,” she concludes.

Full marks for Rand-Air’s campus contract!

Recently, Rand-Air ‘passed the test’ with flying colours, delivering a 24-hour turnaround hire to a tertiary education college in Gauteng:

Rand-Air recently supplied generators to certain of the college’s campuses, as part of a repeat hire contract agreement with this customer.

“This is a long-standing, loyal customer from way back in 2008, when Rand-Air developed a relationship with a college which has several campuses located throughout the province – and they have been a pleasure to service since 2014,” says Benita Oosthuizen, Sales Consultant for Rand-Air Gauteng.

Oosthuizen explains that the college’s campuses require standby power to be available during the bi-annual examinations which take place throughout the country.

“With students working on laptops, the last thing one needs is a power shortage,” she observes, adding that until recently, Rand-Air supplied generators to each of the campuses, twice a year.

For the most recent hire, three generators were supplied – two 300kVA and one 500kVA. During the recent national lockdown, some of the campuses – depending on their proximity to each other – merged.

“The hire was placed on the 4th September, a Friday, for delivery on that Saturday, 5th September, finishing on the 25th September.” This 24-hour turn-around required logistical juggling which was met with the trademark smooth delivery and expectation-exceeding service for which Rand-Air is so well-known.

“We were able to meet the strict delivery deadline of the generators to the various campuses, in time for examinations to commence on the Monday. So we passed the test with flying colours — and no crib notes needed!” Oosthuizen concludes.

Rand-Air ‘goes like the wind’ to provide lighting and power in the Eastern Cape

Rand-Air services a wide variety of sectors including the renewable energy industry, providing rental solutions to projects such as a remote Eastern Cape wind farm:

Located in a remote part of the Eastern Cape province, this wind farm project that forms part of a 700 MW wind capacity renewable tender, involving the erection of 46 wind turbines.

The contractor assembling these massive turbines generally works at night, when the site is cleared of riggers and the wind shear factor is lower.

“In the absence of defined roads, the terrain on-site is often unpredictable and hazardous,” says Liesel Johnson, sales consultant at Rand-Air responsible for this contract.

“This area is also snake-infested, so an adequate, reliable, and efficient light source was required to illuminate the work area.” Through its Durban branch, Rand-Air supplied 12 QLV lighting towers, as well as portable power for the on-site offices, in the form of four 60 KVA generators, complete with distribution (DB) boards.

The safety standard on wind farms is extremely high, and Johnson emphasises that Rand-Air more than complied with all requirements in this regard: “The customer was very impressed that Rand-Air is fully ISO-certified; and also by how seriously we take safety, conducting intense and in-depth safety inductions with the entire turbine assembly crew – and our own Rand-Air technicians. The customer was also very satisfied with our team’s technical qualifications and competency levels,” she adds.

“The incredible remoteness of the project entailed really understanding the customer’s challenges and requirements,” she advises.

The hire has been in place since February, and has been extended indefinitely owing to the CV-19 pandemic. “Rand-Air will be there until the wind farm is up and running, giving the customer the benefit of our technology and service excellence – whichever way the wind blows,” Johnson concludes.

A ‘solid gold’ 7-year safety record for Rand-Air and mining customer

Recently, a South African gold mining customer announced a seven-year, unbroken safety record – and Rand-Air’s rental equipment and technical support played a significant part in this accomplishment:

Neil Bezuidenhout, Regional Supervisor for Rand-Air and Team Leader on the gold mine, explains that the mine’s seven-year injury-free record – in an industry fraught with potential danger – is very impressive: “Given the inherently demanding conditions of mining, this safety record is a remarkable achievement!”

The company’s long-standing relationship with the mine goes back many years, and is all centred around ensuring safety:

“We therefore provide safe, reliable and high-quality machines; as well as an on-site team on standby 24/7 and available to fix any mechanical problems which may arise, thereby minimising any downtime for the customer.”

Bezuidenhout explains that the mine requests both surface and underground compressors for different applications. He describes how the underground units have been modified to withstand the rigorous below-surface conditions:

“While all the compressors are standard units, the underground compressors are deployed in a tougher environment than those on the surface. We therefore have to protect them and make sure that they are more robustly-shielded from inadvertent damage – as they are a vital part of production and safety. We do so by adding thicker steel framework; as well as protective side-panelling, which also extends their underground life,” he adds.

Rand-Air’s equipment plays a fundamental role in the safety of the mine: “Mines have return airways that supply and circulate fresh air into the mine, with the used air extracted from the other end of the airway. With above-ground compressors, Rand-Air supplies life-sustaining air to the underground refuge chambers that are the appointed gathering zones for workers in the event of an underground hazard, such as a rock fall or other life-threatening events,” he elaborates.

“We will continue doing all we can to make a positive contribution to mine safety for many years to come,” he concludes.

Rand-Air is ‘pumping’ in mining, agriculture and throughout industry!

Business Development Manager Henry Fourie gives the inside track on about the latest ‘flow’ solutions addition to Rand-Air’s market offering:

“Although we have full access to the entire equipment range of our international parent company Atlas Copco, our focus is on serving specific vertical target and also niche market sectors,” Fourie says.

Rand-Air therefore hires to specialist contractors within the oil and gas, mining and manufacturing industries; as well as the food and beverage, and some construction projects.

“We are very excited to announce a new pump range from Atlas Copco Power Technique, which is very well-suited for use in the agricultural sector,” Fourie advises. “There are two types of pumps in the new range: the Weda electrical submersible pump, which features low to medium heads. The other type of pump is the PAS/VAR diesel-driven variety,” he explains.

With excellent solids handling, the pumps can be used in a variety of applications, and across a variety of industries – including surface pumping applications – such as construction and mine site dewatering, floodwater removal, and other infrastructure applications. Easy servicing of wear components also means reduced downtime and improved productivity, without stopping workflow.

Fourie adds that Rand-Air’s customers will most likely require pumps ranging from 20 kW to 75 kW; and that multi-stage pumps can also be provided.

“These diesel-driven pumps are ideal for the agricultural and construction sectors, in areas where power is not available if, for example, there is a requirement to pump water into sludge or storage dams.”

Currently, Rand-Air supplies the pumps to many opencast mines, with several Weda S pumps operating in gold mines for sludge-pumping applications; while demand continues to grow in the coal mining sector for deployment in dewatering pits and for the transfer of water from one dam to another.

“Our new range of pumps is an excellent value-add to the market, and we can supply the equipment on-demand, at any time. Compressors, pumps and generators will always be in demand – and Rand-Air will be there with value-adding and customer-centric solutions aimed at addressing our customer’s application challenges and requirements,” he concludes.

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