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Atlas Copco to showcase latest innovations in clean drive technology at BAUMA 2019

At BAUMA 2019 Atlas Copco is set to unveil new sustainable portable air, power and flow equipment that reduces operational expenditure through enhanced clean drive technology, connectivity and versatility.

Our forthcoming innovations are powered by the latest advances in lithium-ion batteries, Stage V compatible engines and energy-efficient electric motors – combined with digitalization and connectivity. By further optimising this equipment through our expertise in drives and controls we are able to provide customers with the solutions required to improve their performance while also supporting efforts to reduce carbon and noise emissions.

Andrew Walker , President of the Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Area

Powering the future

The company will also use the exhibition as a forum to provide companies with guidance about Stage V engine regulations and how its equipment offers a smooth transition towards compliance and beyond. With this in mind, Atlas Copco will launch a free e-guide prior to BAUMA that outlines what Stage V is, its implications for operators, and how it applies to the current and future design and use of portable compressors, dewatering pumps, light towers and generators.

Improving air quality and lowering noise levels are ever present concerns for the public, municipal authorities and those who purchase and use construction equipment. For this reason, Atlas Copco is inviting people attending BAUMA to visit Stand 1108/1, where it will showcase innovative equipment that is quieter, cleaner, smaller in footprint and offers reduced carbon and noise emissions; as well as high levels of performance and versatility.

More information about new products

The new QAS 60/35 VSG generator

Indeed, Atlas Copco will unveil a new range of clean drive technology equipment: the E-air electric-powered portable compressors and the near-silent battery-powered HiLight Z3+ light tower. These new clean drive technologies offer an alternative for diesel driven units in metropolitan construction areas and public events. No diesel engine means no refueling, increasing the efficiency and autonomy on a working site. In addition, maintenance is optimized and noise levels are decreased. Easy to install and connect, the most important innovation of the E-Air compressors and Z3+ light tower is that they emit no emissions, meaning owners don’t have to worry about any future emission regulations.

In areas where it is not possible to use electric or battery-powered technologies, such as remote locations without access to the grid or in applications with high-power requirements, customers stand to benefit from Atlas Copco’s integration of advanced fixed-speed and variable speed driven motors within its Stage V compliant diesel-powered construction equipment. New innovations to be exhibited in this area include the latest models from the QAS 5 generator range, as well as the new QAS VSG with variable speed technology: both models offer less fuel consumption and emissions together with a smaller footprint.

The QAS VSG (Variable Speed Generator) represents a gamechanger in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability. The superior low-load performance of the QAS 60/35 VSG, which features automatic variable speed control from 950 to 2550 rpm and a built-in Power Management System (PMS), enables fuel consumption levels to be reduced by up to 40 per cent against comparable models.

Developed in response to today’s operational challenges, the latest QAS 5 models offer end users in the construction, events and industrial sectors quieter operation, a 20 per cent smaller footprint than comparable models on the market, reduced engine emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24hr autonomy and lower total cost of ownership. As a consequence, the QAS 5 range helps customers to improve their fleet utilization and return on investment.

The XC4004 Smart Air controller

Furthermore, Atlas Copco will showcase the new Smart Air XC4004 compressor controller, which is IP67 rated and enables users to increase uptime by providing fast insights via an easy-to-use interface. In addition, it will present the latest models from the XATS portable compressor range, which feature the intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics). This provides the versatility to select multiple pressure and flow settings, enabling operators to improve utilization of a single compressor and increase the return on investment. In addition, visitors can experience a wide range of handheld tools.

WEDA submersible pump range

In the run-up to BAUMA, Atlas Copco will also announce new additions to its WEDA+ range of electric submersible pumps; including new solutions for sludge and slurry applications. Meanwhile, at the exhibition itself the company will showcase its complete portfolio of surface pumps. This includes the PAS dry pump solution that supports many different applications; such as sewage, metropolitan construction and emergencies. Experts will also be on hand to explain why WEL pumps represent the optimum solution for well-point applications.

Visitors to will also have the opportunity to learn about the latest extension of the FleetLink telematics system that enables operators to track the location and utilization of their assets in real-time. Meanwhile, by scanning the QR code displayed on all Atlas Copco units easy access is provided to all relevant content through the PowerConnect app: manuals, spare parts, service videos and much more. In addition, Atlas Copco will be launching the new LightThePower app to help customers correctly size their light and power equipment, and achieve easy paralleling.

New battery-powered LED light tower from Atlas Copco offers zero noise and emissions

28 January 2019: Atlas Copco has introduced its first-ever battery-powered LED light tower. Offering run times of up to 32 hours, an extended lifespan, minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the compact HiLight Z3+ is powered by lithium-ion batteries and provides enhanced illumination for metropolitan construction sites, outdoor events and industrial areas. Zero noise during operation and the absence of engine emissions ensure full environmental compliance in urban locations.

This launch represents a major leap forward in terms of what is achievable with a battery-powered light tower. Before selecting the battery type, we undertook extensive R&D to ensure we would provide our customers with the best-in-class performance they expect – not just in terms of running hours, but also reliability, ease-of-use and total cost of ownership. The end result is the HiLight Z3+, which offers a yearly reduction of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions and diesel savings of more than 1,000 litres*.

Felix Gomez , Product Marketing Manager for Light Towers at Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division

The enhanced performance of the HiLight Z3+ light tower stems from its use of lithium-ion battery technology. In comparison to lead-acid and gel battery types, it offers up to 20 per cent more DoD (Depth of Discharge), three times more energy density and a lifetime of 6,000 cycles; equivalent to 6 times more than alternative technologies. Furthermore, the light tower’s charging time, directly from auxiliary, grid or portable generator supply units is just 6 hours for the standard Z3+ unit.

The HiLight Z3+ features a high luminosity lamp assembly comprised of 4 x 160 W LEDs, with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Combined with specially designed directional glass optics, the floodlights provide optimal light distribution over a 3000 m2 illumination area. The LED lighting units are supported by a hydraulically elevated vertical mast, certified wind-stable up to 80 km/h, with a maximum operating height of 8 m.

Capable of operating within a temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees C, the Z3+ has been designed with portability and transportation efficiency in mind. The compact dimensions of the light tower, which measures 1160 x 1160 x 2500 mm, allow up to 22 units to be accommodated on a 13-metre truck. All-weather protection is provided by a galvanised steel canopy and powder coated paintwork.

The HiLight range of battery, electric and diesel-powered, LED and metal halide light towers is designed to offer the widest choice for construction, road works, public events, and industrial applications. Atlas Copco offers a broad range of flexible and dynamic portable lighting solutions, which combine robust build quality and compact size, while addressing all aspects of efficiency, safety and environmental impact.

Atlas Copco introduces the DrillAir Y35 – A new benchmark in portable drilling efficiency

Atlas Copco has launched the new DrillAir Y35 portable compressor. The DrillAir Y35 can drill two 4.5” geothermal wells in a single day, with its high penetration rates significantly reducing the fuel cost per metre drilled*.

Specifically designed for geothermal drilling applications, the DrillAir Y35 offers significant increases in drilling rates, fuel efficiency and reliability thanks to its 35 bar pressure and 34.8 m3/min (580 l/s) flow.

The DrillAir Y35 reduces the time and associated costs of geothermal drilling, representing a new benchmark in portable drilling efficiency. Lower maintenance costs, less fuel consumption, increased uptime and faster drilling all make a positive contribution to a driller’s bottom line.

Dmitry Karablinov , Product Manager, Atlas Copco Portable Energy.

The DrillAir Y35 makes it possible for operators to drill both faster and deeper. Thanks to its 35 bar working pressure, drilling depths of 500 metres per day are achievable. One reason for this is the Y35’s integrated Dynamic Flow Boost technology that can be used to increase flow from 34.8 to 39m3/min (650 l/s), providing faster flushing and stem refill and ultimately a quicker finish time. When required, the working pressure range can also be set as low as 15 bar with Atlas Copco’s patented Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology. This helps prevent soil cavitation during overburden drilling, as well as enabling the same compressor to be used for both geothermal and foundation drilling.

The new compressor includes a reliable Scania engine that is compliant with Stage IV emission standards** for non-road engines. The DrillAir Y35 meets all the latest environmental standards, and is a low noise machine making it suitable for construction projects in built-up urban and residential areas. Other features including a built-in oil cleaner, saver ring and separate cylinder heads, contribute to an extended service life.

The DrillAir Y35 was designed and built for reliable performance. A three-layer coating protects all bodywork to increase lifetime and residual value. Ease of transportation played a big part in the overall design of the DrillAir Y35. Its compact dimensions, including a short 4.1 metre compressor frame and lower weight, ensure that a single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig. This also provides for improved manoeuvrability on site.

With the DrillAir Y35, maintenance and repair costs are fixed for the first two years or 4000 running hours with Atlas Copco’s standard warranty package. Service costs can also be fixed for the lifetime of the machine with a range of customisable service plans.

*The DrillAir Y35 consumes less than 2.2 litres of fuel per meter drilled, dependent on various operational parameters.

Atlas Copco introduces new plug-and-light tower

Atlas Copco has launched its new QLB 02 light tower, providing flexible lighting solution for events, public spaces and general construction requirements. With four 400W metal halide luminaires, the QLB 02 can safely and effectively illuminate an area of up to 2,000m2t.

The new light tower provides complete flexibility by allowing users to easily plug into any power source including auxiliary power, electrical generator or directly into the grid. The individual luminaires can be manually adjusted to ensure light is provided only where needed, helping to ensure energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. For large sites, up to four QLB 02 light towers can be connected to a single power source, providing users with complete control over their lighting requirements. An optional programmable timer allows users to choose from 84 on/off programmes to achieve the desired lighting requirements – including the ability to program the light to auto start in the mornings and shut off in the evenings.

The new QLB 02 light tower is designed for simplicity and flexibility, giving users the ability to manoeuvre the light tower to any required site. All units are fitted with wheels, forklift pockets and a lifting eye, providing users with a safe and secure method to transport the light tower. What’s more, the light tower is so compact that up to 32 units can be transported on a single truck.

Sergio Salvador , Product Marketing Manager for Light Towers, within Atlas Copco’s portable energy division

With a manual lifting system, users can raise the seven-metre mast to the desired height to achieve maximum luminosity. The four stabilisers make sure that the light tower is sturdy, whether on flat or uneven ground, and can withstand winds up to 80 km/h. The rugged frame and metallic canopy provide additional protection for the unit.

Atlas Copco adds WEDA 04S to its line-up of small rental and construction pumps

The WEDA 04S is the latest addition to the Atlas Copco Portable Energy line-up of small submersible pumps primarily intended for the light construction and general equipment rental industries. The WEDA 04S is a 0.4 kW on-site sludge / trash pump with a maximum flow of 270 lpm and a maximum head of 10.5m. It complements the WEDA line of under 1 kW single-phase drainage, sludge and residual pumps released last year.

The WEDA 04S has a cast iron vortex impeller that is able to pump dirty water and handle solids up to 25mm in size. This makes the pump a practical choice for dewatering sewage in flooded building basements or on construction sites, removing rainwater from sandy or muddy ditches and excavation sites, or getting rid of unwanted water during maintenance of utility manholes.

The pump is robust and easy to maintain thanks to its triple seal system (double mechanical shaft seals constructed from silicon carbide with an additional lip seal). Thermal protection gives the motor additional reliability and run-dry capabilities. And its low weight (10kg) and compact dimensions (372.5mm H x 241mm diameter) ensure the pump is easily portable from one dewatering task to the next.

Our product range already included the WEDA 04, a 0.4 kW drainage pump, but we received requests for a small pump that could also handle solids. Our answer is the WEDA 04S. In the future, we plan to expand our sludge / trash pump range to include larger kW power nodes which will be able to pump higher flows and handle larger sizes of solids. This will be important for applications in mines and municipal sewers.

Abet Cantuba , Product Marketing Manager Pumps for Atlas Copco Portable Energy Division

The Atlas Copco WEDA small range pumps further consists of: the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps; the WEDA 04B residual pump that draws water down to 1mm; and the sand- and mud-resistant WEDA 08S sludge pump. Atlas Copco also offers a range of kits, hoses and coupling accessories for the WEDA pumps.

The CE-compliant 50Hz variant of the WEDA 04S is available now from the Atlas Copco Portable OEM Solutions factory in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The CSA-UL approved 60Hz version will be available in early 2014.

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