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HiLight H5+ light towers illuminate the way for AVAX SA and the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria gas pipeline

Construction Group AVAX SA has selected HiLight H5+ light towers from Atlas Copco for use on the prestigious gas interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (ICGB) construction project. These low-fuel consumption light towers are providing excellent luminosity, which is essential to ensuring workers have good visibility and can continue their operations efficiently both day and night. 

The ICGB natural gas pipeline spans 182 km and when completed will connect the Greek national gas systems in Komotini, Greece, with the Bulgarian national gas system in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The project is part of the final Ten Years Development Plan (TYNDP) devised by the European Network Transportation System Operators of Gas (ENTSOG), which aims to establish a single market in Europe for gas.

The two-directional pipeline is expected to open at the end of 2020, with an initial capacity of three billion cubic meters of gas per year. Gas generated from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz 2 gas and condensate field is set to be supplied to Bulgaria via the pipeline.

Delivering reliability and fuel-efficiency

To ensure construction operations can be carried out regardless of natural light levels, Avax SA needed reliable and robust lighting equipment that was fit for purpose and easy to operate. The lighting equipment also needed to be fuel-efficient so Avax SA could operate effectively.

The light towers were required to run for at least eight hours daily, but also continuously for up to four days when constructing in a tunnel for example. After careful consideration, Avax SA chose 10 HiLight H5+ towers for this vast construction project. The light towers were delivered at the beginning of February 2020 and put into immediate use.

Completing this project efficiently is a top priority for Avax SA, A key factor in selection was the light tower’s low fuel consumption. The HiLight H5+ LED light tower can offer a run time between refuelling of 260 hours and consumes less than 0.5 litres of fuel per hour.

Kostas Bakas , Sales Engineer

Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow Division

A shining example

The HiLight H5+ design includes directional optic lenses that maximise practical light coverage while minimising dark spots. A single light tower has four LED floodlights each projecting 350W of light and the HiLight H5+ can illuminate an area of up to 5,000 m2; providing an average brightness of 20 lux. The LED lamps offer users higher durability without any deterioration in lux level and have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours.

We ordered the HiLight H5+ light towers because we have used them before and know that they are easy to use and provide excellent light coverage. First and foremost, their low fuel consumption and maintenance allow us to save on fuel and increase our productivity, thanks to reduced downtime. Secondly, the HiLight H5+ towers have a great and clear luminosity during night operation compared to other manufacturer’s products.

John Joannou , Senior Procurement Manager

Plant Department at Avax SA.

In addition, the light towers are mobile and easy to transport. The model’s compact size means 10 units can be moved on a standard 13-metre truck, and they can be easily set up wherever required on site.

There are 10 light tower models in the HiLight range which have been designed to offer the widest choice when it comes to finding the light tower that is right for an application. 

“At Atlas Copco, we provide a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options, while addressing all aspects of efficiency and safety,” continues Kostas Bakas. “By choosing the HiLight H5+ tower, Avax SA doesn’t need to compromise by settling on a one-size-fits-all solution. The construction company can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size for which Atlas Copco is globally recognized.”

Energia MTC chooses Atlas Copco’s QAS generators for your power needs

Energia MTC, a leader in power generation and rental equipment in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas Copco, a global leader in reliable and fuel-efficient power solutions are working together to deliver complete power solutions for oil and gas, construction, industrial and modular power plant operations.

Energia MTC offers reliable equipment and total solutions packages to its customers in the Middle East and was looking to extend and strengthen its power generator offering as part of growing demand and expansion into the wider MENA region. The company turned to Atlas Copco Power & Flow for guidance and has purchased 107 QAS generators.

We have been a customer of Atlas Copco for more than five years and have been impressed with both the high performance of their products and the high level of customer service during that time, We naturally approached them again for their recommendation of a generator to include in our mainstream rental fleet.

Mohin Shaikh , General Manager at Energia MTC

High quality with the QAS range

There were four requirements Energia MTC had for the power generators. Firstly, the generators’ specifications should be able to be customised in line with end user’s needs. Secondly, the engines needed to be reliable to work in a wide range of challenging environments. Thirdly, they needed extended warranty conditions and dedicated local after-sales support.

Atlas Copco recommended the QAS range of power generators since it meets all these criteria.

The QAS range of mobile power generators has been especially designed for rental applications and provides the robustness and reliability demanded from generators, We knew they would fit perfectly in Energia MTC’s portfolio and the company’s customers can be confident in the high performance.

Edmerlito Gonzales , Regional Business Line Manager

Atlas Copco’s Power & Flow Division, Middle East & Turkey

Rental equipment is frequently moved and needs to be easy to transport. The generators are compact with a balanced weight and a strong base frame with forklift slots. As such they are highly manoeuvrable and easy to install and store.

There are 15 generators in the range providing power to cover a wide range of applications. The generators are also highly flexible, thanks to their simple paralleling capability. In rental applications power needs are ever-changing and the modular design means users can connect multiple generators in the simplest way, and to build an installation with optimal efficiency. Controllers further optimise fuel consumption.

Support with service

Serviceability is a top priority in the QAS product design. Large doors and removable service plates ensure superior accessibility and quick maintenance. Heavy-duty filtration systems allow for long service intervals to further reduce downtime for your prime power generator.

We are also supporting Energia MTC with a bespoke repairs and maintenance package, The commissioning process has gone smoothly, and full training has been given to Energia MTC’s service engineers.

Edmerlito Gonzales , Regional Business Line Manager

Atlas Copco’s Power & Flow Division, Middle East & Turkey

A service engineer from Atlas Copco’s partner in Saudi Arabia, GCC Olayan, is being stationed at Energia MTC for one year to help maintain equipment. Ongoing service training is also being provided to Energia MTC’s service personnel.

For further assurance on quality, product testing observed by Energia MTC has been carried out prior to shipping. Consignment parts are also being held at Atlas Copco’s distributor in Saudi Arabia, meaning it is quick and easy for Energia MTC to access spare components when required.

The QAS range so far is performing to our expectations, and we are proud to partner with Atlas Copco and include the energy efficient generators in our offering,

Hassan Shahid , CEO at Energia MTC

Atlas Copco expands the WEDA range with the S50 Sludge pump

Atlas Copco has developed a new addition to the WEDA submersible dewatering pump range with the WEDA S50. Fitting into the S family of WEDA sludge pumps, the new model complements the other pumps in the range in terms of specifications.


The WEDA S range is designed for thick, soft, wet mud or other similar mixtures. These pumps are ideally suited for construction dewatering, industrial or refining applications. The technical specifications of the new S50 model place it between the S30 and the S60 pumps. It offers a maximum flow of 1450 l/min while pumping sludge with a specific gravity of up to 1400 kg/m3. The S50 has a rated output of 4.8 kW and a maximum solid handling size of 50 mm, which is the same as both the S30 and S60 models.

“The WEDA S50 is an ideal pump for rental companies and general contractors where they don’t have to worry about what goes in the pump,” explains Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Product Manager, Atlas Copco Power and Flow division. “Accordingly, these vortex designed pumps are ideal for abrasive media and handling solids up to 50 mm (2”). The S50 fits neatly into the existing range of Sludge pumps, making our S family portfolio complete with a range from 0.5-1-3-5 and 7.5 KW.” The Sludge portfolio covers a wide range of applications such as cement plants, industrial process water, sedimentation tanks, treatment plants, construction sites etc.


The WEDA S50 comes with the standard WEDA+ features, including rotation control, phase failure protection, thermal switches in each motor winding, and 16 Amps phase shifter plugs. All WEDA+ pumps are fitted with a 20 m cable and the reinforced cable entries ensure high resistance to water leakage.

S50 pumps are built with hardened high-chrome impellers and volute which provides high wear resistance. The aluminium alloy construction also offers high corrosion resistance. All these features combine to ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments. Low weight materials have the extra benefit of making handling and transportation easy. The Sludge range along with the new S50 is, therefore, an attractive option for rental use in the construction and industrial sectors.

For extra protection, the casing rib design offers external cooling to the motor in case of dry running which gives the S50 exceptional dry running capabilities.

Everything about the WEDA S50 is configured for ease of operation and maintenance. WEDA seal systems have a unique modular design, thus allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance. Service technicians can change S50 seals at the job site with minimum impact on pump availability. The pump has an external oil inspection plug making it a simple maintenance task to perform quick inspections.

The S50 base is designed for stability while the bottom side discharge allows the passage of solids up to 50 mm. It offers several options and sizes for connections and flow-direction is changeable from 90 to 180 degrees on the discharge.

An extensive network of dealers and service technicians support the WEDA S50 along with the entire WEDA range. Spare parts are readily available and easy to fit.

Atlas Copco QAS generators boost snowmaking capacity of Chile ski resort

To combat unseasonably low snow cover and to maintain optimal slope conditions, Ski Portillo in Chile now has five times more snowmaking capacity thanks to the installation of four Atlas Copco QAS generators powering 25 snow cannons.

Chile brings together world-class snow destinations that are key businesses for tourism and industry of great relevance for the country’s economy. Annually the country receives almost one and a half million visitors to its ski centres such as Portillo, the oldest ski area in South America.

In order to ensure ideal ski conditions on many of the resort’s intermediate slopes at times of lower than average snowfall, Ski Portillo has had to complement natural snowfall with sufficient man-made snow to cover nine snow tracks over an area of 10 hectares. During the 2019 season, a new snowmaking system was installed comprising 25 snow cannons positioned throughout slopes. These are powered by a bank of four skid-mounted Atlas Copco QAS 630 generators, housed in a plant room adjacent to the main complex.

Boosting snowmaking capacity

As a result, snowmaking capacity has been boosted to five times that of the previous season and it is now possible to create up to 16 inches of new snow over a 70-hour time period, with equipment functioning day and night if the ambient temperatures will allow.

Snow cannons require two climatic variables for their operation, a specific environmental temperature and a percentage of air humidity. When the system detects these conditions, the snow generation cycle starts up gradually. Whether it is to run for just a couple of hours or operate a full 24/7 session, it relies 100% on the power supply from the QAS machines as a single source of energy.

The new system is fully automated which allows maintenance teams to control and monitor the status of each machine at all times – even from a smartphone. The system is a combination of mobile and fixed machines, which allows uniform coverage of the slopes and the ability to move the machines as needed.

QAS generators

Each of the four QAS 630 plug-and-play generators delivers 630kVA/500kW of prime power at 50Hz and offers a combination of reliable engine power, compact design, 500-hour minimum maintenance intervals, simple paralleling and long service life. All QAS generators incorporate dual-stage filtration with a safety cartridge and dual-stage air cleaning. This centrifugal dust separation unit, together with the heavy-duty filtration system, helps to prolong the generators’ life. Although in the Portillo application the generators are protected by a plant room environment, they are essentially designed to survive extreme outdoor conditions. Units are fully protected by heavy-duty, weatherproof, enclosures which feature an integrated door sealing system comprising a unique foam and seal layering structure to ensures water-tightness and improved sound attenuation. The QAS machine’s anti-rust canopy has a unique “no weld” corner design to eliminate traditional rusting spots. Furthermore, the spillage-free frame that is standard across all QAS models helps to minimise environmental impact.

Power management system

A major feature of each of the QAS 630 units is a controller equipped with an energy management system to optimise fuel consumption and extend the useful life of multiple generators when they run in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

The generators at the Portillo site incorporate Atlas Copco’s Power Management System (PMS). It is an innovative feature that manages the four generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load. In this way, the load on each generator remains at a level which optimises fuel consumption and eliminates the need to run with low load levels, a situation which can cause engine damage and shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

Rental company upgrades air compressor fleet with XAS 88 8 series compressors

Continued best in class reliability

For the past 12 years, 5 XAS 77 Atlas Copco compressors have been a valuable part of Espinosa’s fleet. Their positive experience with regards to reliability and service set the standard for the replacement order. They were looking for the same quality and user-friendliness. The new 8 Series range showed Atlas Copco continued to innovate after releasing the 7 series. The HardHat PE hood stood the test of time. Despite being towed around different customer sites; the units still looked brand new and more importantly, remained performing. The new 8 Series XAS 88 features the same HardHat canopy, in a new design. Next, the undercarriage is standard 110% containment spillage free, made from a single sheet and with a 3 layer anti-corrosion protection (C3 certified). In addition, the anti-air lock and starter motor protection system improved the reliability even more. All features that ensure a long lifetime of the compressors.

Easy to service in-house

Easy access to all service points speed up the servicing

Exclusivas Rodriguez Espinosa services their own fleet in-house so it is important new equipment is easy to service. The XAS 88 small air compressor is easy to service: just open the HardHat hood and all service components are easily accessible. Combined with the spin-on filters for the compressor element, engine and separator; service can be completed in under one hour. On top, service is only required every 2000 hours. Finally, the dedicated QR code on the data plate leads directly to service tips, service manuals and spare parts needed for the specific unit.

Five XAS 88 compressors will strengthen Espinosa’s fleet

The old XAS 77 compressors are still in good condition.

The new XAS 88 small air compressors embodied all requirements defined by the rental company. In addition, all these features are available in a compressor that weighs below 750 kg so it can be towed without the need for a special driving license. Easy to tow and manoeuvre on site thanks to the low weight and small footprint; the 8 series compressor range was a complete deal for Espinosa.

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