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Atlas Copco introduces new WEDA+ dewatering pump range

Atlas Copco Portable Energy has added to its family of medium and large submersible dewatering pumps with the launch of the WEDA+ plug-and-play range. The new range has undergone a top-to-toe design overhaul, resulting in innovative new pumps that offer up to 20 per cent overall reduction in power consumption compared to previous models; combined with greater efficiency, simplified maintenance and increased capacity.

The WEDA+ range comprises five models: the WEDA 50, with normal and high head variants, and the WEDA 60+, available in normal head, high head and super high head configuration. Delivering enhanced performance and extreme portability, the top-of-the-range Super High Head WEDA 60+ is 15 per cent smaller and 20 per cent lighter than other pumps in its class. The latest pumps offer flow rate capabilities of 1020 to 2425 l/min (61 to146 m3/h) and a maximum head of up to 69 metres.

Atlas Copco has introduced rotation control and phase failure protection across all WEDA+ models to prevent the risk of the impeller rotating in the wrong direction; which stops the pump in the event of phase failure. In addition, the entry system can accommodate a wider range of cable configurations, with an advanced motor design offering higher efficiency and reduced start current. Meanwhile, the drive train features double row bearings for improved lifetime service. For added durability, all models are constructed with an improved aluminium alloy that provides high corrosion resistance in even the toughest applications.

The new WEDA+ pumps are easy-to-move and install in a wide range of dewatering applications. We have taken our portable and powerful electric submersible offering to the next level by focussing on efficiency and new features that will simplify the customer experience and enhance their productivity.

Wim Moors , Vice-President Pumps, Atlas Copco Portable Energy

The WEDA+ dewatering pump in action

Simple service is another feature of the new range. The modular construction simplifies separation of principal components and all stainless-steel fastenings are the same size. This effectively means that one tool can be used to change all seals, impellers and other parts; in just a matter of minutes.

All the new WEDA+ models incorporate the proven features associated with the long-established WEDA range of medium and large pumps, including an advanced sealing system, optional automatic level control, adjustable wear-resistant nitrile rubber diffusers and hardened high chrome clog-free impellers.

New versatile portable compressor matches air flow and pressure to application needs.

Atlas Copco has launched a new compact and highly versatile single-axle portable compressor. The XATS 138 provides a combination of efficiency and flexibility through its intuitive PACE pressure adjustment system that enables end users to precisely match air flow and pressure to their specific application needs.


Our forward-thinking approach to design means we never compromise when it comes to providing customers with efficiency. This mantra is epitomised in our new “crossover” compressor, which is not just extremely efficient and easy-to-move, but also offers the added flexibility of being able to provide more pressure and flow if required. The XATS 138 enables users to effectively deploy a single compressor for multiple applications, optimising their fleet investment, improving utilisation and realising a higher return on investment in the process.

Hendrik Timmermans , Vice-President Marketing Portable Energy division

The operating pressure your application requires

Adjust the operating pressure of the XATS 138 mobile compressor to your needs

With the PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) system, operating pressures can be adjusted, in a matter of seconds, by increments of 0.1 bar via an intuitive XC2003 controller. The fully integrated, ergonomically positioned controller facilitates diagnostics, tracks the compressor’s utilisation and indicates planned service interventions.

Build for construction sites

The XATS 138 versatile mobile compressor is easy to tow

The XATS 138 features an extremely strong canopy and undercarriage to enable safe transportation. The bodywork is protected by a three-layer layer corrosion resistance system, including a Zincor, primer and a powder coating. Furthermore, it confirms to corrosion protection category C3, helping to keep the canopy corrosion free for up to 10 years which extends the compressor’s equipment lifetime and increase its residual value. A spillage-free frame, which is fitted as a standard component, is guaranteed to contain all fluids.

Lightweight and compact, the compressor is mounted on a single axle, thus enhancing its manoeuvrability. The compressor’s small footprint, makes it easier to tow compared to other models in the same power class.

Performance and efficiency

The element and engine are optimised for best-in-class fuel economy

The XATS 138 is powered by a 4-cylinder, Stage 3B compliant, Kubota engine. Additionally, it comes equipped with a DOC-DPF after-treatment exhaust system, which provides emission compliance at no additional cost. Operating parameters are -20 °C to +45 °C.

By combining Atlas Copco’s patented rotary screw element with a 49 kW Kubota diesel engine, end users are provided with a portable compressor that is best-in-class in terms of fuel economy: capable of achieving a 25 per cent fuel saving at normal load. The normal effective working pressure range is 7-10.3 bar with a flow of 5.5-7.0 m3/min.

Improved service intervals and longer lifetime consumables

Optimized serviceability

Service efficiency was a key factor when designing the new compressor. The end result is that the XATS 138 provides extended service intervals, both for the compressor: 1000 hours or once every two years on average, and engine: 500 hours or once a year on average. This, combined with the long life of all consumable parts, reduces the total cost of operation and increases utilisation. What’s more, customers can plan and predict product availability and maintenance costs precisely by opting for a range of customisable service plans.

Additional features, such as a spin-on air/oil separator, ensure that the service interventions are short and efficient. On a practical level, the dimensions of the U-Flex, pivot canopy provide greater access for service.

Optimalise this versatile compressor for your needs

A wide range of optional equipment enables the XATS 138 to be adapted further to meet specific application needs, and increase its operational versatility for even the most demanding working environments. Additional options include road signalisation, a tool box, adjustable tow bar, after-cooler with water separator and emergency stop button.

Atlas Copco’s buy back policy

In keeping with all Atlas Copco portable compressors, the XATS 138 offers buyers the security of high residual value and the option of a guaranteed buy-back agreement.

Coal mine switches to Atlas Copco LED light towers

Atlas Copco Portable Energy supplied four state-of-the-art HiLight V5+ LED light towers mounted on custom-built double-axle trailers to trading partner, Tracpart Mining Supplies. The end-user, a coal mine in Mpumalanga, uses the light towers for above ground lighting applications.


Atlas Copco represents several pillars for mining: power, water and also light

When approached by the coal mine to supply light towers, Tracpart immediately turned to Atlas Copco for a solution. “We supply Atlas Copco dewatering pumps and portable generators and are familiar with the proven quality of this globally renowned brand,” says De Wet van Wyk, co-founder of Tracpart together with brother, Jaco, in 2009. Thanks to the state-of-the-art LED technology, the HiLight V5+ light towers provide up to 25% more light compared to metal halide lamps while delivering average fuel consumption savings of 60% and reduced CO2 emissions of up to 70%.

Customized light tower solutions for surface mining

Tracpart’s core business is the supply and servicing of new and used tractors for underground and surface applications primarily in the coal mining sector. The company supplies nine major blue chip mining groups which consist of over 30 mining operations as well as large steel producers in Mpumalanga and surrounds. Located in Emalahleni, the Level 2 B-BBEE company also specialises in construction equipment and supports its extensive OEM product portfolio with after-sales service, parts supply, maintenance, repairs, remanufacturing and field service. In 2016 Patrick Mkhonto joined the Tracpart team as an active BEE partner with 51% shareholding. “Having worked with Patrick in the past, we knew he had what it takes to take the business forward,” comments De Wet.

Upgrading to LED light towers with Hardhat canopy

Our strong focus on coal mining positions us as a specialist solutions supplier to this sector. As more and more mines in the region are reaching maximum depths and consequently moving to surface mining, we have expanded our scope of supply from underground machines, equipment and services to meet the growing demand for surface mining solutions. As part of our service offering we conduct regular customer site visits and during one such visit to a coal mine, the customer advised that they urgently needed four light towers. Having used only metal halide light towers, the coal mine requested replacement of the same but when the many advantages of the HiLight V5+ light tower range with cutting-edge LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology came to light, the mine did not hesitate in making the switch to LED.

De Wet van Wyk , Co-founder of Tracpart

LED light tower compliant with all mining requirements

Atlas Copco’s heavy-duty LED light towers offer robust, reliable, efficient, economical and safe lighting solutions, “ticking all the boxes when it comes to mine requirements such as SHEQ, low operating expenses and environmental responsibility,” says Atlas Copco Portable Energy Business Line Manager, David Stanford. He explains that the special optic lenses in the HiLight V5+ LED light tower are designed specifically for mining and construction applications. “Depending on the model, a single HiLight LED light tower can illuminate a 5,000m2 area with an average brightness of 20 lux while consuming less than 0.7 litres of fuel per hour. As the emitted light from LEDs is close to natural light sources it delivers the correct tone of light. The fully directional optic lens maximises practical light coverage while minimising ‘dark spots’ improving visibility on the job site for enhanced worker safety and comfort.” David adds that LEDs have an impressive 30 000 hour lamp life expectancy.

A variation of benefits

Highlighting another time saving feature of the low noise V5+ light tower, Atlas Copco Portable Energy’s Zandra van der Westhuizen says that the manual vertical mast can be rotated quickly and easily to light a different area while fully extended to its maximum height of 7,5m. “Furthermore, supported by the extension legs, the light tower can operate in wind speeds of up to 80km/hr. Taking into account longer service intervals (and reduced maintenance costs), the light towers ensures maximised uptime and consequently increased productivity for end-users.”

From an environmental point of view, the built-in spillage-free frame of the V5+ traps oil leakage and prevents ground contamination. The HardHat polyethylene canopy, a standard feature on the HiLight V5+ light tower, is extremely durable and provides maximum protection of internal parts against corrosion and harsh conditions.

Safety is key for mining, also for the V+ LED light tower

With safety a top priority on any mine, all equipment must comply to strict mine specifications and light towers are no exception. Mine specifications demanded that light towers are mounted on braked, double-axle four-wheeled trailers to provide extra stability and safety. “Our V5+ light towers are supplied standard on single axle two-wheeled trailers which meant that a number of modifications were required. We decided to approach Anglo Welding to assist with the modifications as we are well acquainted with the high quality of their workmanship based on previous work they have done on our rental fleet,” says Zandra. The four trailer-mounted light towers were supplied to Tracpart complete with reflective tape and a fire extinguisher.

TracPart is responsible for all service and maintenance on the light towers which are supplied complete with a service kit that are kept by the mine as stock items. “We visit the mine every fortnight to monitor the condition of the light towers,” says De Wet adding that as part of their service to the mine they have undertaken to do the first 250 hours service free of charge. Atlas Copco provided product and operator training which Tracpart passed on to the customer during the handover of the light towers.

Features validated in customer testing

Both the H5+ LED light tower and the 8 Series mobile compressor range won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017

According to De Wet, this application was a good test of the light towers’ abilities and confirms that the units exceeded all expectations. “Our customer reports extreme satisfaction with the light towers and are particularly impressed with the effective lighting and economy delivered by the units.”

In closing, De Wet refers to the quality from Atlas Copco product and service as nothing short of exceptional. “The company backs it quality products with equally good service. Zandra is a star; her and her team went the extra mile on this order, always keeping us in the loop on progress, especially during the manufacturing of the trailers. I cannot ask for better.”

Atlas Copco Portable Energy’s light tower portfolio to Southern African mining and industry also includes the HiLight V4 and the new electric HiLight E2 and E3+ range as well as the flagship in the range, the trailer-mounted HiLight H5+ which recently received the 2017 Red Dot Design Award that recognises the unit as the most efficient LED light tower with the highest luminosity. The H5+ light tower features a controller for automated starting and stopping which means that with its 120l tank capacity, the light tower boasts 0,5l/h fuel consumption and can run for 185 hours without anyone having to touch a button.

New mobile power station system offers independent electricity and compressed air supply to construction sites

Premel SA, based in Bellinzona, Switzerland, has developed a new mobile power station system capable of providing construction sites with an independent supply of electrical power and compressed air. The systems are completely enclosed in six metre ISO containers and come equipped with a generator and a compressor from Atlas Copco.


Typical applications for the mobile power stations include tunnel construction sites and anywhere where a source of electricity or compressed air network is unavailable. This also includes refineries, and for this specific application the system can be equipped with a spark arrestor.

Each container, which has external dimensions of 6.09 m (length) x 2.35 m (width) x 2.40 m (height), weighs around nine tonnes. This means they can fit on the trailer of a truck, making them easy and economical to transport to a construction site. To make loading and unloading easier, the container has integrated forklift receivers in the base frame.

The mobile power stations are equipped with a robust QAS 60 generator and a XAHS 237 mobile compressor from Atlas Copco. The generator provides a permanent output of 60 kilovolt-ampere (kVA). It works with a Perkins motor in the EU emissions category IIIA applicable for mobile work machines. The compressor is powered by a MTU motor in emissions category 4. Both Atlas Copco units are equipped with an active and a passive particle filter system.

According to the supplier, the generator can be overloaded by 300% for up to 20 seconds with no problems. This is a major advantage when starting up water pumps. The control units and the 400 V CEE connector (1 x 63 A, 2 x 32 A, 2 x 16 A and 4 x 220 V) can be accessed on the outside of the container. Additional equipment requests can also be implemented, like container remote monitoring via the internet.

The compressor provides up to 14 standard cubic metres of compressed air a minute (14 m3/min) at 12 bar. It offers complete reliability, simple operation, low operating costs and a long service life. This makes the unit perfect for use in self-sufficient power supply stations. The special screw element of the compressor, produced in-house by Atlas Copco, guarantees a practically constant volume flow and enables high productivity and economic operation. To put as little strain as possible on the environment, it is powered by a high-performance diesel motor that meets emissions category IV. An electronic operations management system controls and monitors all key functions and operating states of the compressor.

The filling openings for diesel and additives are mounted on the outside of the container for quick fuelling of the units. Both the generator and the compressor can be operated autonomously at 75 per cent load for around ten hours. An optional signal light can be installed on the container to warn of low fuel levels in good time.

The two large sliding doors on the side of the container are lockable and provide easy access to the units for servicing. If further maintenance support is required, operators can access the combined service network of Atlas Copco and Premel SA.

Premel builds the container systems, including the generator, compressor, exhaust and fuel system, at its Bellinzona manufacturing facility and tests them on-site. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. According to Premel, all integrated and mounted components have the CE mark.

Atlas Copco expands QES generators range up to 500 kVA

Atlas Copco has expanded its QES portable generator range up to 500 kVA with the addition of four models that offer a predictable source of electrical power for the world’s most demanding worksites. The latest models in the range are the QES 250, QES 325, QES 400 and QES 500, which are all Stage 3A emission compliant and available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz versions.


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