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Atlas Copco introduces new plug-and-light tower

Atlas Copco has launched its new QLB 02 light tower, providing flexible lighting solution for events, public spaces and general construction requirements. With four 400W metal halide luminaires, the QLB 02 can safely and effectively illuminate an area of up to 2,000m2t.

The new light tower provides complete flexibility by allowing users to easily plug into any power source including auxiliary power, electrical generator or directly into the grid. The individual luminaires can be manually adjusted to ensure light is provided only where needed, helping to ensure energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. For large sites, up to four QLB 02 light towers can be connected to a single power source, providing users with complete control over their lighting requirements. An optional programmable timer allows users to choose from 84 on/off programmes to achieve the desired lighting requirements – including the ability to program the light to auto start in the mornings and shut off in the evenings.

The new QLB 02 light tower is designed for simplicity and flexibility, giving users the ability to manoeuvre the light tower to any required site. All units are fitted with wheels, forklift pockets and a lifting eye, providing users with a safe and secure method to transport the light tower. What’s more, the light tower is so compact that up to 32 units can be transported on a single truck.

Sergio Salvador , Product Marketing Manager for Light Towers, within Atlas Copco’s portable energy division

With a manual lifting system, users can raise the seven-metre mast to the desired height to achieve maximum luminosity. The four stabilisers make sure that the light tower is sturdy, whether on flat or uneven ground, and can withstand winds up to 80 km/h. The rugged frame and metallic canopy provide additional protection for the unit.

Tumi Theledi: A real Rand-Air ‘bright spark’!

Service Supervisor Tumi Theledi is an inspiration to his Rand-Air colleagues as, through dedication and commitment, study and hard work, he is making impressive progress – at an ‘electrifying’ pace:

Theledi started his career with the company back in 2005, and then left to lecture at Johannesburg college. “I lectured Electrical Trade Theory, Engineering Science and Mathematics,” he explains.

In 2007 he returned to Rand-Air as a student in service training, in a two-year apprenticeship. The study bug then bit, and Theledi decided to improve his career potential and take whatever courses would support this decision: “As soon as I decided that I wanted to upskill myself and better myself, Rand-Air was behind me. They gave me the time to study, and assisted me financially with tuition fees,” he says. “I believe that you can never know enough and that as a person, you must never stop studying,” he observes. True to this ethos, he enrolled at Tshwane South College in Pretoria, to study for a Certificate in Electrical Engineering. He completed this with a diploma in 2007, as well as qualifying as a millwright artisan –  a good combination of electrical and mechanical engineering. As a high-precision craftsman, he is now is well-qualified to install, dismantle, maintain, repair, reassemble, and move machinery in factories, power plants, mines and construction sites.

With each machine that is installed, whether it be rental or purchase, a Certificate of Compliance (COC) is required, to verify that the electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, distribution board, geyser and wiring in a home, business or mine, comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. In 2011, Theledi completed the year required to obtain his COC Certificate of Electrical Compliance.

“As I already had my Electrical Engineering certificate, this course posed no problems to me and, in fact, complemented my knowledge base, because the COC is more about rules, regulations and protocols,” he explains. Theledi qualified in three-phase electrical installation, he points out with pride, explaining that it means that he has a “combination” of single and three-phase certification and is authorised to submit the relevant certificate after installation of a machine.

Since 2016, Theledi has been a Service Supervisor for Rand-Air. He explains that this entails checking equipment availability, and to allocate any repairs or maintenance to the appropriate technician.

“I have a clear understanding of what is required on various sites and despatch technicians accordingly when required. I maintain an overview of what is happening in the field and ensure that back-up, support and maintenance is expedited to ensure that the customer is never inconvenienced by downtime on machinery, and that Rand-Air’s reputation for customer-centric support is upheld,” he adds.

As well as completing an Atlas Copco leadership certificate at the University of Free State, Theledi is presently in his second, of a three-year, BBA Business Degree, through Mancosa.

“If it wasn’t for the encouragement and support I got from Rand-Air, I would not have had the opportunities that I have had, and I am most appreciative and grateful for their backing. In return, I believe that my enhanced skillset is also of benefit to the company and customer base,” he concludes.

Rand-Air generators and lighting towers shed light on manganese mine’s production

As part of the global Atlas Copco Group and widely recognised as the local equipment rental leader, Rand-Air delivers portable air, power, lighting and flow solutions into a variety of industries; while its agile, customer-centric service, safety and quality consistently assists customers to successfully meet their operational requirements.

A case in point was the recent long-term rental to a major manganese mine. The development of the mine began as a green fields project in June 2019 – with manganese the prime commodity – and an iron ore portion planned for phasing in during the first quarter of 2021, says Denise Olivier, Rand-Air’s sales consultant  whose technical knowledge and customer support secured this important hire.

Olivier explains: “Since the mine was new in my area, it came to my attention that they were interested in purchasing equipment and were currently exploring this option.”

However, Olivier says that once she explained the benefits of hiring over purchasing, and the additional advantages of using Rand-Air, the customer was extremely interested in her proposed solutions.

“I pointed out that we take all the effort out of equipment hire, leaving the customer to focus on their core business. We also offer 24/7 technical support, maintenance and even replacement equipment if required. This option made much more sense to the customer, rather than outlaying significant capital to purchase equipment,” she explains.

As the mine is expanding, their strategy has been to introduce two shifts – night and day – and, for the night shift, reliable and robust lighting was required.

“I submitted the quote and almost immediately, delivered the first two lighting towers in April 2020, on a long-term hire that will roll-over year-to-year. As the partnership grew steadily, so did the customer’s order, and we are currently supplying five lighting towers and two generators into the mine.”

Given every business’s desire to operate as cost-effectively as possible – particularly this year – Olivier believes that this hire is not only a win for Rand-Air; but she knows that she offered the best solution to meet the customer’s needs, by advising them to hire rather than purchase equipment.

“By offering a solution to their specific requirements – as well as professional and knowledgeable feedback to queries – the customer was satisfied that the Rand-Air option was the best,” she remarks.

The lighting towers comprise heavy-duty LED lamps with more than 50,000hrs of life expectancy, offering 5000m2 light coverage, which is perfect for adhering to the stringent safety standards required on the mine. Easy to transport, the compact lighting units come with a stable hydraulic vertical mast capable of extending to a maximum height of 8m and rotating 340 degrees.

“The lighting units are used to illuminate the nightshift operations and the two Atlas Copco QAX generators, one 20kVA and one 100kVA, are ideal to supply uninterrupted power and mobility to the office complex, processing plant and weighbridge,” Olivier explains.

“The customer required the generator supplying electricity to the office complex to switch over between solar power during the day, to generator-supplied power during night-time. This was achieved through the installation of a change-over switch,” she says.

“Aside from Rand-Air’s technology, technical expertise and advice, our reputation for exceptional customer service and providing timely solutions will endure, as our generators and lighting towers keep the lights on at night and the mine’s production running smoothly!” Olivier concludes.

Rand-Air strikes gold – again – with a repeat hire to a long-standing gold-mining customer

Rand-Air secured a repeat hire with a long-standing customer in the gold mining industry – based on a relationship dating back to 2014 – when the need arose for underground compressors for the mine:

Rand-Air was the only company then – and still is now – able to supply the customer with underground compressors modified to their particular specifications.

This is according to Rand-Air sales consultant Marinda Enslin, who collaborated closely with the customer to ensure that their very specific requirements were met.

“Our most recent hire to this customer was two Atlas Copco GA110 electric compressors, for use in underground drilling and secondary support for expansion mining in high productivity areas,” she advises.

“When it came to this latest hire, we already had the compressors in stock and were able to deliver to the mine on the same day,” Enslin advises.

“Currently, this customer has a total of nine underground compressors on hire from us, all varying in size from GA75s to GA110s, depending on the various requirements.

We collaborated with the customer throughout the compressor selection process, to ensure that their operations run the minimal number of compressors, in the most efficient way. We offer a total solution concept, tailored to each specific customer site’s requirements, ensuring that our customers can focus on their core business, while we take care of their equipment rental requirements,” she adds.

“The customer was highly impressed with our service all round, and that their machines were delivered on time and are now running smoothly.”

“We look forward to providing our underground compressors to many more customers in the mining sector, ‘striking gold’ with our service and technology excellence,” she concludes.

Full marks for Rand-Air’s campus contract!

Recently, Rand-Air ‘passed the test’ with flying colours, delivering a 24-hour turnaround hire to a tertiary education college in Gauteng:

Rand-Air recently supplied generators to certain of the college’s campuses, as part of a repeat hire contract agreement with this customer.

“This is a long-standing, loyal customer from way back in 2008, when Rand-Air developed a relationship with a college which has several campuses located throughout the province – and they have been a pleasure to service since 2014,” says Benita Oosthuizen, Sales Consultant for Rand-Air Gauteng.

Oosthuizen explains that the college’s campuses require standby power to be available during the bi-annual examinations which take place throughout the country.

“With students working on laptops, the last thing one needs is a power shortage,” she observes, adding that until recently, Rand-Air supplied generators to each of the campuses, twice a year.

For the most recent hire, three generators were supplied – two 300kVA and one 500kVA. During the recent national lockdown, some of the campuses – depending on their proximity to each other – merged.

“The hire was placed on the 4th September, a Friday, for delivery on that Saturday, 5th September, finishing on the 25th September.” This 24-hour turn-around required logistical juggling which was met with the trademark smooth delivery and expectation-exceeding service for which Rand-Air is so well-known.

“We were able to meet the strict delivery deadline of the generators to the various campuses, in time for examinations to commence on the Monday. So we passed the test with flying colours — and no crib notes needed!” Oosthuizen concludes.

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