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More predictable power on the move; QES generators range is expanded

Atlas Copco is doubling the size of its QES portable generator range with six new models designed to provide predictable power in a greater diversity of applications. The new generators, ranging from 60 to 200 kVA and fitted with John Deere engines, build upon the success of the initial QES line-up, which was launched in 2015 with six Kubota-powered models ranging from 9 to 40 kVA.

By adding more power nodes, these new additions to the QES range give greater scope to customers in the construction and rental markets who simply want reliable and user-friendly generators that can be easily transported to the point where they are needed.

Angel Nieto , Product marketing manager

Mobile Generators Family

The QES range aims to provide general construction and rental users with a practical and trusted power solution for the toughest worksites. The new additions are the QES 60, QES 85, QES 105, QES 120, QES 150 and QES 200.

Operating at a frequency of 50 Hz, the range now has higher power capabilities, from the 1,500kg QES 60, with a 160 or 450 litre fuel tank, to the 2,650kg QES 200, which comes with a 375 or 1,125 litre fuel tank. The former offers fuel efficiency of 14.8 litres per hour, at 100% prime power, while the largest in the range delivers an impressive 45.8 litres per hour when working at full load.

Atlas Copco introduces the XATS 900E electric portable compressor

Atlas Copco has launched the XATS 900E, an electric portable compressor with the versatility to suit a wide range of demanding applications. The new compressor is equipped with a 160kW motor that is highly efficient and quiet in operation.

The new XATS 900 electric portable compressor

As an energy-efficient alternative to traditional diesel-driven compressors, the XATS 900E delivers compressed air from 7 to 10 bar (100 to 150 psi) with a flow of up to 25m3/min (900cfm), while offering users the advantages of reduced running costs and reduced requirement for maintenance. Suitable for sites with a ready supply of power, the XATS 900E is easy to install on any surface as it requires no additional foundations.

The unit is up to 50% smaller and up to 30% lighter than most comparable compressors, with a power-flex frame that supports ease of movement, higher safety and protection from spillage. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant canopy of the compressor is designed for use in all weather conditions, without the need for additional rooms and enclosures.

The XATS 900E electric portable compressor

The electrically powered unit is enclosed in a silenced acoustic canopy, with sound levels of 73db(A) at 7 metres. This conforms to ISO9614-2 standards and makes the unit suitable for working in urbanised areas and confined spaces.

Compact, lightweight and easy to move, with outstanding ruggedness and durability, the XATS 900E is an excellent choice for rental fleets and customer sites.

The XATS 900E is designed to provide quality air solutions with an inbuilt aftercooler and water separator and can be fitted with optional downstream filtration to further enhance the air quality. Also, the new electric portable compressor features large door panels for easy access and single side service procedures.

The launch of the XATS 900E opens up new options for our customers to harness the power of electric. It combines smart engineering, proven technology and quality components. The XATS 900E, is an outstanding choice when it comes to setting up an efficient job site.

Ben Van Hove , Vice-President Marketing Atlas Copco Portable Energy Division

Atlas Copco lights up Diwali celebrations at largest temple outside of India

Every autumn thousands of people visit the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden temple) in London to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu ‘Festival of Light’. This year the festival organisers chose Atlas Copco’s LED HiLight towers to light up the walkways, pavements and areas around the temple.

As well as seeing the dazzling displays and ceremonies in the temple, the devotees and visitors mingled with the local community outside the Mandir to enjoy traditional Indian street food. To light their way and keep them safe, Atlas Copco’s HiLight light towers were selected to illuminate walkways, entrances and fire exits during the darker hours.

The HiLight H5+ and B5+ LED light towers feature a unique, fully directional optic lens that maximises practical light coverage while minimising ‘dark spots’ to ensure efficiency. A single Atlas Copco B5+ LED light tower can illuminate an area up to 5,000m2 with an average brightness of 20 lux for up to 260 hours between refueling, consuming less than 0.5 litre of fuel per hour.

We were all really impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of the HiLight LED towers, they were both brighter and illuminated a wider area than the other manufacturer’s metal halide towers we have used in previous years. All the towers were very easy to manoeuvre using their forklift access points and this allowed us to position them with ease and confidence in tight locations. The facilities team were very happy with both the towable (H5+) and the box unit (B5+) light towers.

Manoj Patel , Coordinator of Diwali Festival
The H5+ is easily transportable thanks to its compact mounted trailer, whilst the B5+ has a box base which is compact enough to fit up to 22 units on a standard 13 metre truck, perfect for mass transportation.
Both the H5+ and B5+ have four LED lamps projecting 350W of light each and illuminating an area of 5,000m2. As well as demonstrating exceptionally low fuel consumption, Atlas Copco’s LED lamps are highly durable.

Hospital powered by Atlas Copco generators

A customized power solution for a customer that requires the highest peace of mind.

Why the need for a power solution?

The Poltava regional clinical hospital named N.V. Sklifosovsky has been serving the region for more than 200 years. Having expanded a lot over this time, at present, the hospital has close to 800 beds. This medical institution specializes in highly skilled inpatient and outpatient consultative procedures. The hospital is also a training base for the doctors and nurses of the future.

As with most hospitals, it’s powered by two independent electrical circuits from the mains supply. In a hospital power is absolutely critical. If power is lost there is a significant threat to the health, and ultimately life of patients, as all electrical equipment will cease to function. Patients at this time could be in the intensive care unit or on an operating table.

A reliable solution

The hospital management, like most applications where power is critical, decided to install diesel generators for emergency power. These would immediately kick-in if mains power is lost. To start the process, they conducted an audit of what was needed. During the audit, engineers also requested to replace the power distribution panels in addition to the installation of the generators, as the existing shields were in poor condition.

The generators can be monitored remotly

In 2016, the construction and electrical works of the generator ‘room’ was completed by a local contractor. The hospital installed two diesel generators. Due to their reliability and proven performance, they chose two Atlas Copco QIS 140 with a total output of 286 kVA. In addition, they replaced switchboards, performed commissioning work and installed remote displays, allowing key personnel to see the state of the generators from the switchboard room. A monitoring system was also implemented. This informs the customer, and service engineers, about any change in the state of the generators and the mains supply.

Peace of mind

The QIS industrial generator

Back-up emergency generators are one capital equipment purchase that you hope you never have to use! Designed and built to the very highest standards, the QIS range undergoes extreme testing to ensure that power kicks-in, within a few seconds of a major electrical malfunction. The peace of mind that comes with Atlas Copco’s QIS generator’s ensure that the customer, and the patients, always get a good night’s sleep.

Thanks to the fact that the QIS range allows you to specify the configuration of your generator, through a wide range of useful options, the hospital received a package that was perfect for them. You can customize everything from the power output to the options you require.

Javier Ascoz , Area manager industrial generators

New generator range leads the way for Atlas Copco Portable Energy at CONEXPO 2017

At CONEXPO 2017, Atlas Copco Portable Energy will launch powerful and innovative generators, portable compressors and light towers. The additions to Atlas Copco’s line-up have been developed in-line with the company’s forward-thinking approach to innovation and provide new technological advancements in combination with increased safety, performance, connectivity and ergonomics.

We are committed to helping our customers meet the challenges posed by the construction industry both now and in the future. With this in mind, the latest additions to our Portable Energy range have been developed to offer further improvements in energy efficiency, greater flexibility on-site and long-lasting performance. This ensures our customers receive maximum productivity, profitability and ease of movement.

Peter Lauwers , President of Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division

A new range of power generators

Smart controls and advanced electronics result in a clean and predictable source of power

Leading the line up on Booth C31486 is Atlas Copco’s new QAS generator range that is designed specifically for the needs of the US market. The range has been completely overhauled and incorporates eight models covering power ratings from 25-330 kVA. All QAS generators include the latest Tier 4 Final engine and have a footprint that is up to 25 per cent smaller than the previous generation. The starting mechanism ensures that stable power is achieved in less than six seconds.

Our portable generators

When it comes to fuel efficiency, compactness and noise attenuation, Atlas Copco sees its iP generators as the future and visitors to Booth C31486 will have a chance to see why. Atlas Copco’s new inverter generators, which are available in power ratings between 1.6-3 kVA, feature variable speed smart control and use advanced electronics and magnets to deliver a clean and predictable source of AC power at the required voltage and frequency.

A plug-and-play light tower with LED technology and hardhat

The new E3+ light tower is ready to go and join our entire construction portfolio.

CONEXPO will see the HiLight E3+ make its debut in the US market. The electric-only LED model provides exceptional plug-and-light capabilities that enable users to easily connect to a power source, including auxiliary power, an electric generator or directly into the grid. To aid users requiring extra light coverage, up to 4 HiLight E3+ models can be powered by a single Atlas Copco iP generator.

All models in the HiLight range include energy efficient LED lights and Atlas Copco’s legendary HardHat canopy. HiLight towers deliver significant fuel savings of up to 60 per cent when compared to the typical fuel consumption of metal halide solutions. Dependent on the model, HiLight towers consume less than 0.13 gallons of fuel per hour, giving a run-time of up to 260 hours before refuelling. A single HiLight can illuminate an area of up to 53,000 sq. ft., and provide an average luminosity of 20 Luxes.

Be the first to discover our new dewatering pump WEDA +

Our new PAS dewatering pump on a trailer

Atlas Copco will debut three new PAS diesel pumps at CONEXPO. With an outlet of 4,6 or 8 inches, the high capacity diaphragm pumps have a pumping head of up to 180 ft. and accommodate flows of up to 3650 gallons per minute. Visitors will be able to learn about the pumps’ extended range of new features that are designed to maximise efficiency and minimise fuel consumption.

Over the next 12 months Atlas Copco is replacing its popular WEDA electric range with the WEDA+ range. The new WEDA+ 50 and 60 models will be launched at CONEXPO. The WEDA+ range includes all of the characteristics customers have come to expect from existing WEDA pumps; with the addition of new features that have been developed to take performance to the next level. Benefits include higher efficiency, simplified maintenance and increased capacity.

Tier 4 final mobile air compressors

The unique PACE, one compressor for multiple applications

Portable compressors will also feature prominently at CONEXPO, with several models from Atlas Copco’s XAS range to be exhibited. This includes the flagship XAS 185, which has recently been re-designed to include the latest Tier 4 Final engine. The resultant improvement in engine performance has significantly aided the compressor’s ability to work at high altitudes.

A new XAS 400 cfm compressor will also be on display, which features an intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) that enables users to match air flow and pressure to their application needs, without requiring multiple compressor units. This compressor also includes the latest Tier 4 Final engine.

An easy to tow mobile air compressor

Easy to tow mobile air compressor

Visitors to Booth C31486 will have the opportunity to see the new XAS 110. With a flow of 110 cfm, the XAS 110 is compact, lightweight, easy-to-tow and requires no exhaust after treatment. All XAS compressors, on show, feature Atlas Copco’s legendary HardHat® canopy, which is corrosion free and needs no painting or dent repairs.

Why visit our booth? Experience the unique 3D construction site!

As a final incentive, visitors to Booth C31486 will have the chance to experience a virtual 3D construction site. This booth within a booth provides the opportunity to interact with different types of Portable Energy equipment, as if they were running on-site, and learn how Atlas Copco keeps its customers connected to machines in the field.

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