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Rand-Air is ‘pumping’ in mining, agriculture and throughout industry!

Business Development Manager Henry Fourie gives the inside track on about the latest ‘flow’ solutions addition to Rand-Air’s market offering:

“Although we have full access to the entire equipment range of our international parent company Atlas Copco, our focus is on serving specific vertical target and also niche market sectors,” Fourie says.

Rand-Air therefore hires to specialist contractors within the oil and gas, mining and manufacturing industries; as well as the food and beverage, and some construction projects.

“We are very excited to announce a new pump range from Atlas Copco Power Technique, which is very well-suited for use in the agricultural sector,” Fourie advises. “There are two types of pumps in the new range: the Weda electrical submersible pump, which features low to medium heads. The other type of pump is the PAS/VAR diesel-driven variety,” he explains.

With excellent solids handling, the pumps can be used in a variety of applications, and across a variety of industries – including surface pumping applications – such as construction and mine site dewatering, floodwater removal, and other infrastructure applications. Easy servicing of wear components also means reduced downtime and improved productivity, without stopping workflow.

Fourie adds that Rand-Air’s customers will most likely require pumps ranging from 20 kW to 75 kW; and that multi-stage pumps can also be provided.

“These diesel-driven pumps are ideal for the agricultural and construction sectors, in areas where power is not available if, for example, there is a requirement to pump water into sludge or storage dams.”

Currently, Rand-Air supplies the pumps to many opencast mines, with several Weda S pumps operating in gold mines for sludge-pumping applications; while demand continues to grow in the coal mining sector for deployment in dewatering pits and for the transfer of water from one dam to another.

“Our new range of pumps is an excellent value-add to the market, and we can supply the equipment on-demand, at any time. Compressors, pumps and generators will always be in demand – and Rand-Air will be there with value-adding and customer-centric solutions aimed at addressing our customer’s application challenges and requirements,” he concludes.

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