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Rand-Air ‘goes like the wind’ to provide lighting and power in the Eastern Cape

Rand-Air services a wide variety of sectors including the renewable energy industry, providing rental solutions to projects such as a remote Eastern Cape wind farm:

Located in a remote part of the Eastern Cape province, this wind farm project that forms part of a 700 MW wind capacity renewable tender, involving the erection of 46 wind turbines.

The contractor assembling these massive turbines generally works at night, when the site is cleared of riggers and the wind shear factor is lower.

“In the absence of defined roads, the terrain on-site is often unpredictable and hazardous,” says Liesel Johnson, sales consultant at Rand-Air responsible for this contract.

“This area is also snake-infested, so an adequate, reliable, and efficient light source was required to illuminate the work area.” Through its Durban branch, Rand-Air supplied 12 QLV lighting towers, as well as portable power for the on-site offices, in the form of four 60 KVA generators, complete with distribution (DB) boards.

The safety standard on wind farms is extremely high, and Johnson emphasises that Rand-Air more than complied with all requirements in this regard: “The customer was very impressed that Rand-Air is fully ISO-certified; and also by how seriously we take safety, conducting intense and in-depth safety inductions with the entire turbine assembly crew – and our own Rand-Air technicians. The customer was also very satisfied with our team’s technical qualifications and competency levels,” she adds.

“The incredible remoteness of the project entailed really understanding the customer’s challenges and requirements,” she advises.

The hire has been in place since February, and has been extended indefinitely owing to the CV-19 pandemic. “Rand-Air will be there until the wind farm is up and running, giving the customer the benefit of our technology and service excellence – whichever way the wind blows,” Johnson concludes.

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