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A ‘solid gold’ 7-year safety record for Rand-Air and mining customer

Recently, a South African gold mining customer announced a seven-year, unbroken safety record – and Rand-Air’s rental equipment and technical support played a significant part in this accomplishment:

Neil Bezuidenhout, Regional Supervisor for Rand-Air and Team Leader on the gold mine, explains that the mine’s seven-year injury-free record – in an industry fraught with potential danger – is very impressive: “Given the inherently demanding conditions of mining, this safety record is a remarkable achievement!”

The company’s long-standing relationship with the mine goes back many years, and is all centred around ensuring safety:

“We therefore provide safe, reliable and high-quality machines; as well as an on-site team on standby 24/7 and available to fix any mechanical problems which may arise, thereby minimising any downtime for the customer.”

Bezuidenhout explains that the mine requests both surface and underground compressors for different applications. He describes how the underground units have been modified to withstand the rigorous below-surface conditions:

“While all the compressors are standard units, the underground compressors are deployed in a tougher environment than those on the surface. We therefore have to protect them and make sure that they are more robustly-shielded from inadvertent damage – as they are a vital part of production and safety. We do so by adding thicker steel framework; as well as protective side-panelling, which also extends their underground life,” he adds.

Rand-Air’s equipment plays a fundamental role in the safety of the mine: “Mines have return airways that supply and circulate fresh air into the mine, with the used air extracted from the other end of the airway. With above-ground compressors, Rand-Air supplies life-sustaining air to the underground refuge chambers that are the appointed gathering zones for workers in the event of an underground hazard, such as a rock fall or other life-threatening events,” he elaborates.

“We will continue doing all we can to make a positive contribution to mine safety for many years to come,” he concludes.

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