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Rental company upgrades air compressor fleet with XAS 88 8 series compressors

Continued best in class reliability

For the past 12 years, 5 XAS 77 Atlas Copco compressors have been a valuable part of Espinosa’s fleet. Their positive experience with regards to reliability and service set the standard for the replacement order. They were looking for the same quality and user-friendliness. The new 8 Series range showed Atlas Copco continued to innovate after releasing the 7 series. The HardHat PE hood stood the test of time. Despite being towed around different customer sites; the units still looked brand new and more importantly, remained performing. The new 8 Series XAS 88 features the same HardHat canopy, in a new design. Next, the undercarriage is standard 110% containment spillage free, made from a single sheet and with a 3 layer anti-corrosion protection (C3 certified). In addition, the anti-air lock and starter motor protection system improved the reliability even more. All features that ensure a long lifetime of the compressors.

Easy to service in-house

Easy access to all service points speed up the servicing

Exclusivas Rodriguez Espinosa services their own fleet in-house so it is important new equipment is easy to service. The XAS 88 small air compressor is easy to service: just open the HardHat hood and all service components are easily accessible. Combined with the spin-on filters for the compressor element, engine and separator; service can be completed in under one hour. On top, service is only required every 2000 hours. Finally, the dedicated QR code on the data plate leads directly to service tips, service manuals and spare parts needed for the specific unit.

Five XAS 88 compressors will strengthen Espinosa’s fleet

The old XAS 77 compressors are still in good condition.

The new XAS 88 small air compressors embodied all requirements defined by the rental company. In addition, all these features are available in a compressor that weighs below 750 kg so it can be towed without the need for a special driving license. Easy to tow and manoeuvre on site thanks to the low weight and small footprint; the 8 series compressor range was a complete deal for Espinosa.

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