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Simulations generator startup thanks to update to controller

In today’s world, we rely on electricity for just about anything we do. From uploading this post, charging your phone, or even car, to your entire operation. When we look towards the future, that dependence will only increase because we’re all slowly but surely moving away from traditional fossil fuels.

Increased reliance comes with risks. A loss of power can impact your day-to-day operation more than ever before as well. A loss of power is accompanied by a significant financial impact, inefficient production, and even life-threatening situations. Preparation is critical because these events are often not predictable.

One at a time

A traditional backup generator startup takes time. The first unit needs to reach nominal speed and voltage. As the next generator gets ready, that unit, in turn, has to be synchronized with the previously connected generator to prevent irregularities. This process then has to be repeated until the last backup unit is running.

By adding a new feature to the trialed and tested Atlas Copco Rental generators equipped with the QC 4003 controller, we are able to deliver the required power level in less than 10 seconds. This small change allows for the simultaneous startup of all connected units, bringing voltage to the required levels at the speed it takes to push a button. How are we able to do it?

Up and running before you finish this sentence

When faced with a power outage, and the main breakers are opened, the controllers crank the engines but do not activate excitation yet. As soon as the Atlas Copco Rental generator’s engines are running at around 400 RPM, all breakers are closed at once, connecting the generators to the bus bar. At around 900 RPM, the automatic voltage regulation feature of the controller activates excitation for all connected units, driving up voltage to nominal power in a controlled manner. No matter how many generators are connected to the bus bar, the process can be completed in less than 10 seconds.

When faced with an emergency, you can now have backup power quite literally in no time.

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