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Capitalizing on synergies to commission Omani plastics project in record time

Getting process piping ready for commissioning typically involves a complex array of tasks. And since they usually come at the end of an equally complex construction process, those tasks also typically involve extremely tight deadlines!

In such situations, being able to count on a reliable partner with a proven track record often means the difference between making or missing your project deadline. So it’s little wonder that GS Engineering & Construction called on Atlas Copco Rental to work around the clock – and often against the clock – to help complete their contribution to Oman’s ambitious Liwa Plastics Project.

A high-profile project

The Liwa Plastics Industries Complex is the cornerstone of a major expansion project within the Suhar Industrial Port Area refining and petrochemicals cluster. Once operational, it will not only boost Oman’s export trade but most importantly, stimulate the development of a whole new downstream processing industry within the sultanate. As such, this flagship project has been the subject of considerable media attention. As the main EPC contractor for the project, GS Engineering & Construction was under significant pressure to deliver the project on schedule.

Multiple challenges

GS Engineering & Construction is responsible for the construction of a NGL extraction plant within the Liwa complex. The plant had already incurred significant delays during the construction phase. Now the South Korean-based contractor faced an uphill battle to fast-track the commissioning phase and get the project back on schedule. The lack of time, however, was not the only obstacle in their path. Getting the plant online meant performing multiple testing and commissioning tasks simultaneously. Which in turn meant that demand for the nitrogen and other gases required for drying, purging and pressure testing was difficult to predict and subject to significant fluctuations. On top of that, the plant’s remote location ruled out the possibility of obtaining a sufficiently stable supply of liquid nitrogen. And so an urgent request for quote was launched.

One solution, multiple applications

GS Engineering & Construction came to us with an urgent request for equipment and personnel to perform a wide array of functions. From air blowing and dewatering to purging and high-pressure leak testing… These diverse tasks all call for different gases at a wide range of pressures, flow rates and levels of purity and dryness. Nevertheless, we were able to propose a flexible and modular solution that capitalized on certain synergies to complete the project effectively, efficiently and most importantly, on time.

Ahmad Khader

Area Rental Supervisor Qatar & Oman, Atlas Copco Rental Middle East

The required 8,000m3/h of dry, oil-free air required for air-blowing and dewatering, for example, was delivered by a package of 3 x PTS 916 100% oil-free air compressors which worked in tandem with 3 x PHS 1600 dryers. At the same time, 3 x XRVS 1000 compressors fed our state-of-the-art NGM 2000 mobile nitrogen-generating membrane package for purging the plant’s tanks and process piping.

This same package was also used for a comprehensive high-pressure leak test thanks to the addition of a B7 nitrogen booster, delivering the required 1,500m3/h of 98% pure N2 at an impressive 100 bar of pressure!

The solution also included all accessory hoses, manifolds, fuel tanks and so on, as well as an on-site team who took care of transport, assembly and round-the-clock operation for the duration of the project.

Clear added value

Our solution for a reliable, stable, cost-effective and fully mobile source of dry, oil-free air and pure, high-pressure nitrogen proved to be a critical element in completing the commissioning of the Liwa plant successfully:

We compared multiple options during the bidding stage. Finally we selected Atlas Copco Rental’s nitrogen generating membrane package because it was much more effective and economical.

Chang-Hee Kim

Commissioning Lead Engineer, GS Engineering & Construction.

What really earned us the praise of GS Engineering & Construction, however, was our speed and efficiency at every stage of the project. From our quick response in providing a quotation to the flexibility and versatility of the solution itself and the expertise and proactivity of our on-site operators… Our local team ensured that every single piece of the puzzle fit together with precision, and always with a view on the bigger picture.

A long-standing partnership

The Liwa project is just a part of a long-standing partnership with GS Engineering & Construction in the Middle East. And it was yet another opportunity for us to demonstrate that we not only have the state-of-the-art equipment they need to get the job done, but also the knowledge, expertise and experience to add maximum value to their large-scale projects. We are already looking forward to the next challenge!

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