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Atlas Copco Rental Russia keeps air oil-free at sub-zero temperature

From extreme temperatures, both high and low, and the most remote locations, our equipment can be found all over the world. In this case, working conditions were pretty cold, to say the least. Gloves: check. Scarf: check. Winter coat x 2: check. Here we go!

Our client specializes in construction services in the oil and gas industry. When a section of pipeline needed repairs and partial replacement in Northern Russia, we provided Atlas Copco Rental equipment that was capable of working in sub-zero temperatures as well as meet all expectations. Working parameters ranged from 10 bar to a potential increase of up to 80 bar, so we came up with a unique solution that was up for the task, every step of the way.

  • 100% oil-free air PTS 916 compressor
  • CD41 dryer
  • Nitrogen generator
  • 4 high-pressure and diesel-driven XRVS compressors with different specifications

Before the pipeline can be used again, a mandatory integrity check has to be performed. In this case, it was possible to perform a hydrotest. Water is used to put the section of pipeline under extreme pressure, far higher than the operating pressure, and make sure it is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. In order to perform the test, a constant supply of water is required. Nearby water supply was too limited and would have had too big of an environmental impact when these would have been used. So a secondary pipeline, of around 2 kilometers was then constructed to reach a small river. Because it was winter, you can imagine this came with its own challenges. After the hydrotest was successfully completed, the pipeline needed to be dried and cleared of any remaining air, debris. This is where our high-pressure compressors and boosters come in. Usually after dewatering a pipeline, some water remains in the pipes. Dry air goes under pressure into the pipes to absorb the remaining water in the pipeline. Then nitrogen purges the pipelines of all remaining air. These procedures are essential. Not only do they displace the oxygen, but they also delay oxidation and avoid explosions by not allowing air and natural gas to mix in dangerous concentrations. Nitrogen generators with different flows and purities are matched with compressors to reach the required nitrogen pressure and flow. Soon after passing all tests, the pipeline was up and running again!

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