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Atlas Copco Rental assists temporary hospital in Italy

Fiera Milano is home to some of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world. But, with all events canceled right now, the space is still being put to good use. A new hospital, designed specifically to treat patients with Covid-19 is being set up.

The “Fiera” Hospital was commissioned by the Lombardy Region (Italy) and is a full-fledged hospital.

When finished, the facility will have more than 400 intensive care units. Once operational, it is expected that 500 nurses and 200 medical professionals will be working and treating patients here, that will come from all over Italy.

The temporary hospital is a source of inspiration and hope, as well as determination.

The Italian government is also considering to replicate what was done here in Milan, and build more temporary intensive care facilities in the center and south of Italy. Regions which are also greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

For an indefinite period of time, our GA75 VSD+ FF will be a vital part of providing the hospital’s Medical Gas Supply. These systems typically include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, etc.

Temporary solution for temporary site

We were able to surpass our customer’s expectations thanks to the high efficiency of our equipment.

The GA75 VSD+ FF is capable of providing a maximum flow of 956,88 m³/h at bar. It is equipped with a Variable Speed Drive+, a powerful motor and has a compact footprint.

The GA’s Variable Speed Drive+ (VSD+) technology closely matches the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. Combined with the innovative design of the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, this results in substantial energy savings. Even when it is on-site only temporarily, you can still expect the most sustainable solution. Besides that, the GA series is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217 compliant.

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